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UKPF Main Wiki/FAQs

I have £x, what should I do?

A step-by-step guide to the thought process for dealing with your money, whether a lump sum or spare income.

The UKPersonalFinance Flowchart

This is the starting point for answering most “what should I do with my money?” questions. The latest version can always be found here and at https://flowchart.ukpersonal.finance


How to start a budget. What software to use (if any). How to set budget goals.

Recommended Resources

A collection of books, online articles, video series and podcasts recommended by /r/ukpersonalfinance regulars. A great place to start your personal finance education.

Credit Ratings

Inspired by the MoneySavingExpert team, a discussion of credit ratings and reports.

Compound Interest

Earning interest on interest; or Harnessing the Exponential and the Astounding Power of Saving Early.

Investment fees, what they are and why they matter

Information/a rant about investment fees.

Some Questions and Answers about Funds

/u/pflurklurk’s Q&A series on funds.

Constructing Your Own Global Equity Tracker

Guide by /u/RemarkableTiro on how to construct your own global equity tracker.

National Insurance

/u/pflurklurk’s National Insurance Post


With changes coming thick and fast to the ISA rules, we try to make sense of them here (current as of 4th April 2016)


The Lifetime ISA is a specific type of ISA, with an additional government-provided bonus, but with more restrictions on withdrawals.

Making the most of Current Accounts and Credit Cards

This post discusses how to take advantage of the various incentives and rewards offered by current account and credit card providers.

Exchange Rate and Market Timing Questions

These post types are banned. This Wiki entry explains why.

Budget Summaries

Glossary of Personal Finance Terms

There are a couple of useful glossaries of terms for UK investors online. Rather than replicate them, it makes more sense just to link to them:

Schroders UK “Simple Guide to Investment Terms”

Investopedia’s Investment Dictionary