9 UK Personal Finance Rules

9 Rules to Live By

Overwhelmed by the flowchart? Struggling with the detailed guidance? Start here with some very general “rules of thumb”, that if you did nothing else but follow, you’d be a lot better off than otherwise!

9 UK Personal Finance Rules to Live By

The Inspiration

We were inspired by the Freakonomics Radio Episode “Everything you always wanted to know about money but were too afraid to ask”. It is based on Harold Pollack’s “Personal Finance Index Card” (which you can see below). This led us to produce our very own 9 UK Personal Finance Rules to Live By.

The inspiration. This was a great start but very US-centric

And so, the rules were born

We hope you find it useful!

Next steps

We recommend checking out The Flowchart, which goes into much more depth, or our Recommended Resources for further reading. Focus on the Personal Finance section, with a great start being “The Richest Man in Babylon”.